Unboxing iphone 7 256gb Jet Black In 2 Minutes

So you have been waiting for it! And it has finally arrived . Here is my quick unboxing of the Apple iphone 7 Jet Black 256GB Model! In this video I will show you what is inside the box and quickly turn on the phone! It’s “Magical” as Apple say’s!

Unboxing – Part 1:


How to Transfer Data from iphone 6 / 6s to Iphone 7

Data Transfer – Part 2:


It’s Time to upgrade from the OLD iphone to the NEW magical iphone 7! Well in order to transfer the Phone number you will need to Transfer the SIM card this will allow you to receive calls from the same number as you had on your OLD Phone!

How to Transfer SIM Card from iphone 6 / 6s to Iphone 7

Sim Card Swap – Part 3: