Why to practice ahead of time, for the RI Motorcycle Road Range Test

To Husqvarnalegally ride a motorcycle in Rhode Island, state law requires successful completion of a Motorcycle Rider Safety Course. Anyone seeking to obtain a motorcycle license must successfully complete a 16.5 hour training program. This program is comprised of two lectures, a 3.5 hour session and a 3 hour session. In addition students must successfully complete two 5 hour riding ranges. CCRI provides all training motorcycles, and there are several helmets on loan at each facility.

It is illegal in Rhode Island to ride a motorcycle without a motorcycle license or permit: DO NOT ride your motorcycle to classes or ranges. RI Motorcycle Road Range Test practice will help you pass because not everyone does.


Visit RI Gov. website for what to bring, But below most of it.

  • Pen or pencil, paper and your Valid Driver’s License
  • Highlighter
  • Your Valid Driver’s License
  • DOT Certified Motorcycle Helmet (If you do not have a DOT helmet, arrive early, you may be able to borrow one from the instructor.)
  • Long sleeve shirt or jacket, durable pants (such as jeans)
  • Leather, full fingered gloves
  • Eye protection — sun glasses or prescription glasses are ok; but, remember to bring clear lenses if ranges are at night. All eye protection must be made of safety glass.
  • Over the ankle leather shoes with a good, non-slip sole.
  • Bring snacks and refreshments to keep you alert and hydrated (breaks are given at the discretion of the instructor)
  • Rain gear when needed – check the weather before you travel to class

Some Nice Practice for the Written Test


This is not exactly the Written test for RI but might have some very similar questions.

Some More written Questions I would recommend Studying

Last part of written test.

If you have done the RI Motorcycle Road Range Test I would love to hear about it let me know how it went for you in the comments!