This is what is listed onĀ  Whistlers Website

Elite Adventure

COST: $989* / person

  • 4 runs (approx. 6,000 – 10,000 vertical feet, or 1,800 – 3,500 vertical meters of skiing)
  • Designed for expert skiers or boarders
  • Bell 205 Helicopter, groups of 7-10 people
  • Extra runs are available for $90*/person per run

See our heli-skiing and heli-boarding deals and vacation packages from the official site for Whistler Heli-Skiing based in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. Powder for all abilities. Plan and book your heli-ski or heli-board vacation, find out what to expect, what you need to bring and what the weather is like. View our heli-ski area maps, videos and photos. You can heli-ski or heli-board in the powder snow for just one day or go for as many days as your legs will take.

Here is my Review of Whistler Heli-Skiing

Experience is required!

I would not Agree with the part that says Powder for all abilities, you want to be able to ski or Ride Black Diamonds no problem and be able to handle Black Diamonds with little to no trouble. If you are a rider who can just ski down Blue trails and avoid Black Diamonds do not Heli-ski you will not have fun and just piss off the group your going with.

Weather is a Huge Factor!

Weather is important when I booked this Heli-Boarding trip i was Snowboarding for the week Mon-Friday and Booked the Heli-ski trip on Tue. and I’m Glad i booked it so early. I received a cancel call Tue. morning saying the weather was no good, to much fog. It was reschedule for Thursday with no extra charge to me. This was fine since i still had Friday if it was cancel again. The Trip was not cancel on Thursday.

Wake up Early.weather_few_clouds

We meet Early in the morning at a Rental Shack where you can Rent Powder Ski’s. I had a snowboard which was a wide board and did not need to rent a board. If you snowboard they will try to rent to you, if you own the board i would recommend sticking with what you have. If you are a Skiier make sure they are powder Ski’s you will need them!

Our Guide was Paige Bell

Can’t say Enough Postive things about Paige she really made everyone feel very comfortable on the Adventure. I have never been Heli-Boarding and was a little nervous about Avalanches. She told me she has been a Guide for over 20 years and had never herself or anyone in her group been put in an avalanche that made me feel a lot better. Paige and the group drove to the Heli-copers about 25min away from the Power Rental Shop where we got a safely guide on the Heli-coper and Avalanche Gear. I was the only Snowboarder in the Group with the rest Skiiers from Cananda they mostly spoke French but did speak English also.

Time to Fly

helicopterThe Helicopter was filled with 10 of us this is very close but the ride is pretty short and the views are Crazy Nice. I had never been in a Helicopter before I Love the sound it makes taking off and landing. They bring you to the top of a Glacier about 10,000 Feet in the Air and all you see around you is Fresh Powder and untouched Mountains. We Followed the Guide Paige so in case of a slide she would be first to go, also she knew the area best. They give you lunch and drinks, at about half way through the day.

Extra Runs?

You can pay for Extra run’s after you have paid for your 4 runs’ and I highly recommend it it’s around $80 per run i Did 6 total and would have kept going but it was getting Dark so we had to head back. They have a after party at a Bar where you can see video and pictures of the day and purchase it if you would like.

My Recommendations

If I would have done it again I would have gone with the Ultimate Excursion there is 6 runs less people in the group and a smaller helicopter you go to some more extreme locations but all and all I had a lot of fun on the Elite. When picking the Day really check the weather and try to get a nice sunny Day it will make it so much nicer. Half the day was fog the other was sunny for me, they had just had fresh powder about 1ft the day before so if you can get luck with that then that is also a plus. Bring your own Helmet Camera / Camera I would not recommend purchasing there video’s it’s just to much. If you Snowboard then get a lot of speed because if you slow down you will need to walk to catch up with the group at certain points during the trail. You will get 10 times more skiing in on the mountain but the Quality of the runs are the best i have had done in my entire life and would love to do it again!

Here are some Pictures Of the Trip