OneWheel Pint
Cost: $799

Seaway Ninebot S-Plus
Cost: $779

Segway info:
sturdy & Powerful: With the powerful dual motors of 400W, the Segway S-Plus can reach a max speed of 12.5 mph, travel up to 22 miles and accommodate a max load of 220 lbs after a single full charge. Ride your Segway S-Plus to enjoy the beautiful scenery
Safety & Comfortable: Smart Battery Management System assures the battery safety and extends the battery life. Knee control bar allows for precise steering and easy lifting. The 11″ pneumatic tires provide a comfortable and smoother ride on bumpy roads
Remote Control & Auto-Follow Mode: Use the handle or the joystick on the multi-functional remote with intelligent chip to control the device. When you’re not riding and need to have your hands free, turn on follow mode to have your S-Plus follow you
Intelligent App Management: Download the Segway app for anti-theft function, speed limit and adjustment, vehicle self-diagnose, adjustable ambient lights, firmware upgrade, monitor battery status, vehicle remote control and more
Quality Assurance: With premium technology, extended functionalities and sleek design, the Segway S-Plus is like having your own personal robot. One-year or 180-day warranty for different parts, please refer to warranty in product details below

Pint Specs:
6–8 mi (9.5–13 km) Range
16 mph (25 km/h) Speed
The Onewheel is ridden by mounting the board with rear foot first and then placing the front foot on the pad pressing both sensors on the left and right side of front footpad. When the rider comes to level, the motor will engage and begin self-balancing. The Onewheel will accelerate forward when the rider leans forward and decelerate when the rider leans back. Turning is accomplished similarly to a skateboard or snowboard. Leaning the body toward toe or heel side of the board will cause the board to track side to side.

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