How To replace Motorcycle Handle Grips


Why Replace Handle Grips?

HusqvarnaHand grips are an important motorcycle accessory used to help motorcyclists maintain control and have a safe, comfortable ride. When the grips get worn down or torn, they need to be replaced. Read on to find out to remove the old grips and replace them with new grips, as well as tips on how to pick out the right grips for your motorcycle.


Removing the Old Grips

  1. Remove the bar ends. These are the metal pieces on the outside ends of the handlebars. Depending on the model of your motorcycle, you can either pop them off or unscrew them with a flathead screwdriver.
  2. Cut off the grips. Use a razor blade or a hacksaw to cut the grips lengthwise and pull them off of the handlebars. As you’re razorhandlebarcutting, apply enough pressure to slice through the grip, but not so much that you scratch the metal handlebar beneath it.
  3. Clean the handlebars. Use rubbing alcohol or adhesive remover and a rag to remove remnants of the previous grips. Make sure the grips and the adhesive that attached them to the metal is completely gone before proceeding.

Installing the New Grips

  1. Sort out which grip goes on which side. The two grips that come in a package have slightly different-sized holes. The one that is slightly larger is meant to be installed on the side of the throttle, which is usually the right side. The smaller one should be installed on the side without the throttle.
  2. Install the non-throttle grip. Apply a grip glue, such as E-6000, inside the hand grip opening and along the handlebar. The edge of one side of the grip is raised, while the other edge is not. Slide the grip onto the handlebar, raised edge first, before the glue begins to dry. Keep pushing until the raised edge of the grip is flush against the inside of the handlebar. When it’s secure in place, squeeze the grip to help the glue set.
  3. Install the throttle grip. Apply the glue to the grip meant for the throttle side as well as the handlebar.CleanHandleBar
  4. Replace the bar ends. Screw the ends of the handlebars back on so that the grips are held firmly in place.
  5. Let the glue dry. Wait several hours for the glue to dry before using the motorcycle.

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