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So my Power bill at home was getting really bad, and I mean Bad! Even though I have Geothermal and all LED lights something was Sucking the power when i was not home. It was really hard to know what was using what for power. But these Smart Wifi Switchs I found on Amazon are Great.
Super easy to install on my Wifi, They have great options for scheduling so when it’s light outside or i’m not home, or i forget and leave my lights on these switches can shut off the power. They are also great for tracking how much my PC and Refrigerator was using for power in a 24 hour period. I found out my PC was causing around $50 per month or $600 per year to run 24/7 so i enabled sleep mode and now i’m saving $500 per year easy on that simple option. I also found out my yamaha amp and sub were using 300 watts even though it was not playing any music so i added on of these smart switches to turn off when i was not home.