Video Guide

 How to build a mining rig case?

When Building think

1400486758_519888-96_Air_SockMaximize for Airflow

We want to maximize our airflow and heat disbursement for the rig.  So we want to space our cards out well and try to keep them level.  Heat rises, so we shouldn’t have the outtake of our cards pointing towards the ground.  Don’t block any of the vents.  I prefer Aluminum/Metal because it’s Strong, Light Weight and a great distributor of heat.


You may need.

1. Swiss Army Knife — Open Stuff

2. Drill – I used a drill to drill in the top support bar, and connecting all the aluminum together.

3. Screwdriver — Always a good thing.

4.) Angle Grinder.

Other Things needed.

 Metal Perching Screws-  a Box of them

L Brakes – at least 8 of themIMG_5453 (Medium)

Aluminum Bars – 4 x 4ft Sections

Old Case for Parts

New Hardware -Motherboard / CPU / Ram / SSD


Thanks for Watching my how to build a mining rig case Guide let me know if you have any more questions