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Kiteboarding Spot – Spar Island – Bristol, RI

So we took a Jet boat out to this remote island in the middle of Mt Hope Bay, Located in Bristol Rhode Island. It's had great wind and very little people to get in the way so it's a great place to kiteboard. There are some sharp shells and rocks when you launch so be...

Kiteboarding in Oahu, Hawaii

So while on a Trip in Oahu Hawaii i saw the wind was looking good so i had to see if i could go kiteboarding! I meet up with Sammy a local Kiteboard Teacher who also rents kiteboard equitment and he showed me a really nice spot to get to go kiteboarding! For More...

Road to Hanna – Maui Hawaii

So on a Trip to Hawaii I rented a Jeep and Drove the Road to Hanna this was Def. a Experience of a life time! This is a Tight Road with amazing views every where you look. Take a look at the video and you will see for yourself! For More Hacks, Tricks, & Tricks...

8 Fun things to do in Honolulu, Hawaii

So this was my first Trip to Hawaii and I check Out Honolulu, Maui and the Big Island. So make sure you watch out for a video from each location. But here is a quick list of 8 fun things that i did while I was visiting this amazing Place! For More Hacks, Tricks, &...

Kiteboarding “Kite Beach” Maui, Hawaii

This beach is amazing for Kiteboarding! The most kiteboards i have ever seen in one beach, they have flat area's and if you go further out waves you can surf as well. This is a Great place to learn or for experts to ride. For More Hacks, Tricks, & Tricks Checkout...

Review of Netgear Orbi Whole House Wifi System

I purchased this Orbi Wifi Whole House Wifi System to give my 4500 SQ Foot House Strong / Fast Wifi everywhere in the house with just one wifi share name allowing all my devices to quickly connect and jump to different spots very easily.

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