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Fujitsu Mini Split with wireless Heat & AC Review

Fujitsu Mini Split with Wireless Heat & AC. We install one of these guys in our Lake house for something to heat about 1000SQ/FT We have a lot of Glass in this house so the Sun really comes in and heats it up! That is why this is great to have wireless control...

Review of GoPro Karma Drone & Test Flight

So i purchased this GoPro Karma to give it a test as it has a 30day money back warranty, I did end up returning it and i will go over why in the video. I also do some a Test Flight where i will show you how high it can fly and how it can move around objects. For More...

Review Night Nation Run – Providence, RI

So this was my first Night Nation Run and it was pretty fun. It's a mix of Run, walk, skip or dance your way through this electrifying adventure with music carrying you every step. Your journey will take you through an illuminated racecourse to multiple on course DJ...

Unboxing Go Pro Hero Black & Powering UP!!

So I have had the Hero 4 Silver until now, where i get the new Shiney Hero 5 Black, with voice control, Dual microphones, better interface, waterproof with out a special case, and the top Quality you can get with a action camera! For More Hacks, Tricks, & Tricks...

My Iphone 7 will not Turn off! FIXED!

If you are having issue with your apple iphone where it will not shutdown / power off / Turn off! Then here is a quick Video on how to shut it down even if it does not want to shut down AKA it's Frozen on shutdown....


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