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How I Tripled my $$$ Money Option Trading in 6 Months

Here I will go over my Results of the last 6.5 months of Trading Options and how i Grew a $2500 account to $7500 in 6 months! I only Use Short Vertical Put Spreads in Tech Companies. I would Auto Close at 50% Profit and setup the trades for around 70% POP. I'm going...

Where to Start Mining Crypto?

Read more: ( So you want to get into mining Crypto or Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin or Altcoins or Litecoin or really anything coins? Well here is a quick video on how i started and what i...

How to Transfer Data / SIM from iPhone 7/8 to iPhone X

Just got my Iphone X , OH YEAH!! and it's time to transfer all my pictures, apps mail, music, settings over to the new phone. This can be a real PAIN, it's even worse if you do the steps in the incorrect order and have to do it all over AGAIN! So follow my steps and...

Flow Rider Review – Margaritaville – Hollywood Beach, FL

This Flowrider in front of Margaritaville in Hollywood Beach, Florida is Defiantly something you need to check out if you are in the area. If you have never tried a Flow Rider before you might fall a couple times before you get the hang if it but it's all good because...

IFly – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Indoor Skydiving – Review

Have you ever wanted to Fly but the idea of Jumping out of a airplane does not sound that nice to you? Well then indoor skydiving is something that you must try! Here I will give you my quick review of this brand new indoor skydiving location in Fort Lauderdale,...

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