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Kiteboarding with Wind Addict – Miami, Florida

Here I Will Give you a Quick Review of My Time Flying the Kite with Wind Addict in Miami Florida! This was perfect Wind and a last minute trip so i was supper happy i could get a chance to go out on the water before I had to Head back to Cold Rhode Island! For More...

How to Convert a Shower to a Urinal!

I had a nursing home with a lot of different showers that i did not need i instead wanted some urinal's here is a quick behind the wall look at how to convert a shower to a urinal, I hope this gives you some ideas. For More Hacks, Tricks, & Tricks Checkout...

Review of Kiteboarding Spot – Watch Hill. RI

Here is a Quick Review of a Great Kiteboarding Spot to check out in RI - Watch Hill, its a Sand Bar Called Sandy Point, a quick Jet Ski Ride or Boat ride and you are there. Nice a Shallow, Good wind, and a great place to find other kiteboarders when the wind is good....

Building Rehab – From Nursing Home to High Tech offices!

We purchase a Old Nursing home that had been abandon for many years, No water, not Electricity, No Heat, and Really ugly. But it had good "bones" and something we could make in to really nice high tech offices that we could be proud of. For More Hacks, Tricks, &...

Refinishing / Staining a Cedar Deck

It's been a couple of years and all the Stain is going on this Deck, It's time for a Refinish! It needs to Be Bleached / Sanded / and then Stained. Here are some Quick Tips for Getting you Deck in Tip Top Shape for The Summer Time!...

I have Poison Ivy! How to Stop the Itching Fast!

If you are like me then when summer hit's you are prob. going to get some poison Ivy! All you want at the point is the Itching to Stop! and Fast! Well i made a video if you get some poison ivy. After getting it again i made...


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