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Kiteboarding Spot – Ninigret Pond, RI

Kiteboarding Is Awesome! Here is a Place i like to go kiteboarding in Rhode Island, Great place to learn, warm water, Parking is not bad, Traffic is not bad, good wind most of the time... Lots of friendly WindSurfers hanging around. For More Hacks, Tricks, &...

How to Install a Window from the Outside of a Building

Most of the time you would install / replace a window from the inside of a building / Home. But some times it has to be done from the outside, which can be a bit tricky so hear are some tips if you have to install a window from the outside for what ever reason....

Jet Ski won’t Accelerate! – Seaweed in Impeller – FIXED!

Are you having a issue when riding you jet ski where it will not accelerate more than 10 mph, when you give it the gas it just makes a loud vibration sound but does not go any faster. It sounds like you have some Seaweed suck in you intake. Here i will show you the...

Lake Winnipesaukee, NH – Weekend Trip on The Jet Skis

So if you live in New England and you are looking for a Great Weekend Trip idea then why not check out Lake Winnipesaukee, NH on Jetski's! There are a log of fun neat towns to check out and cool islands as well. For More Hacks, Tricks, & Tricks Checkout...

Ford Explorer 2017 Platinum Review

It's been about 10 year's since i had a New Car, and i am super happy that i got the 2017 Ford Explorer Platinum! It's a Great Ride with a insane amount of features and a lot of High tech stuff built in! For More Hacks, Tricks, & Tricks Checkout...


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