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LOST YOUR KEYS? Leave a spare set of Keys (RFID) in Car | Trick

Have you ever wanted to leave a spare set of keys in your car in case you lost your Main set and still wanted to get home. With the New RFID Key's you can't leave them in your car otherwise it will always stay unlocked so you have to get a special Bag. This will allow...

Review of Troy-Bilt Wood Chipper – CS4325

Here is my Review of Troy-Bilt Wood Chipper CS4325. It Sucks! i returned it ASAP it's not usable at all if you need to get a wood chipper rent a huge one but this thing is not worth it at all!...

Duck Tales Theme Song (Acoustic) – Cartoon Afternoon

For More Music ( Duck Tales Lyrics: Life is like a hurricane Here in Duckburg Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes It's a duck-blur! Might solve a mystery Or rewrite history! DuckTales! Woo-oo! Every day they're out there making...

How to Install a American Standard Shower Valve

I am replacing a old defective Shower Valve with this new American Standard Shower Valve using Pex and Clamps. Here i will show you the quickest way to make all of the connections so you can save some time!...

How to Invest in a IPO? on TD Ameritrade

Are you interested in Learning how to invest in a IPO? If you had invested $1000 in Netflix during it's IPO, you would have over $120,000 Dollars Today! That is a lof of $$. Not all stocks will take off but if you beleive in the company then why not get in early! For...

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