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7 Things you MUST try in Hilton Head, SC

7 Things you MUST try in Hilton Head, SC   I went around ST. Patrick's Day to Visit Hilton Head, SC i am someone who has to Keep active and do fun Exciting stuff when i'm on a Trip... Well really at all times but even...

Finding Broken Pipes in Ceiling : Plumbing Nightmare!

Finding Broken Pipes in Ceiling : Plumbing Nightmare! We purchase a old building that had not been Winterized, One of the Major problems we faced was a PLUMBING NIGHTMARE! A bunch of broken/ leaky pipes in the wall / ceiling...

How to Replace a Window

Removing a Old Window - How to Replace a Window: Part 1 If you have a Old Window that just does not do the trick anymore it might be time to replace it. You can pickout a new window often times at Home Depot or Lowes that is a Standard Size and do a quick replacement....

Unboxing, Data Transfer and Sim Card Transfer of Iphone 7

Unboxing iphone 7 256gb Jet Black In 2 Minutes So you have been waiting for it! And it has finally arrived . Here is my quick unboxing of the Apple iphone 7 Jet Black 256GB Model! In this video I will show you what is inside the box and quickly turn on the phone! It's...

How to Preorder the Apple Iphone 7! If you want to Get your Iphone 7 Before it Sells out then you NEED to Watch this Video! Here i will give you the Tips and Tricks you will need to know how how to Get in the first Batch of ordering so you don't miss...

How to Build a Custom Live Edge Wood Office Desk

  I love the way Saw Mill Lumber looks and wanted something unique for my new office so thought i would show everyone the process to build a Live Edge Wood Desk its pretty Neat when it's all finished.  


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