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How to Fix a Snowboard Crack using Epoxy

So last Snowboarding session i managed to Crack the top of my snowboard! I was still able to ride the rest of the day but was really bummed out! Well Here I will show you how you can repair your snowboard cheap using some Epoxy from Home Depot. For More Hacks, Tricks,...

How to Buy EOS (via Gate.IO) and Transfer to Exodus Wallet

Quick Steps: 1.) Sign up for accounts on Coinbase & 2.) Purchase Bitcoin on Coinbase 3.) Transfer to 4.) Purchase EOS, 5.) Transfer to EOS Desktop Wallet Gate.IO Signup: Coinbase Signup -$10 Free Bitcoin:...

Pain in Fingers wake you up from Sleep?

I was getting woken up at night due to pain in my fingers, mostly my Pinky and Ring Finger. It would tingle and i would have to move my hand around to get the blood back in my fingers. I went to a physical therapist and this is what they recommended. For More Hacks,...

How to Fix Tennis Elbow Pain

I have been dealing with Tennis Elbow Pain for over a Year. IF you are having the same pain here are the different things I went through before i finally found a fix! I hope this helps you so you don't go through the same pain for so long! For More Hacks, Tricks, &...

Follow up Review to Fujitsu Mini Split Heat & AC

I felt i need to do a a Follow up Review to the First Video on the mini Split after some comments i had on the first Video! So here you are hope the Second video Helps you out if you are still on the Fence! First Review:...

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