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Shower not getting hot? Adjust your shower Mixing Valve!

If you are having a issue where you shower is not very hot but your sink has very hot water then you might need to do some adjustments to your Mixing Valve. Here I will show you quickly how you can make the changes so you can have nice toasty showers!

Washer Fluid Level Low Error on Ford Explorer: Fixed!

I have a Ford Explorer 2017 Platinum Edition and had this message pop up on my Dashboard. So i figured i would make this simple Quick Video helping out some other people who might also have this message here is where you need to go to fill up this fluid.!...

How to Setup Antminer D3 Miner with NiceHash Pool from Stratch

So you just got your Bitmain Antminer D3 and you are all excited! Oh Wait you need to do something to get this pretty machine to spit out some Crypto! Well here is my quick guide to getting it up and running and making you some Nice $$ on NichHash Pool! Network...

Pump House Indoor Water Park Review, Jay Peak, VT

If you ever go to Jay Peak, VT For Ski or Snowboarding or maybe just a Trip in the Summer then you Definatly need to Check out this Indoor Water Park. They have something called a Ski / Stay / Splash Package which is well worth the money! Here i will give you a Quick...

Windows 10 Start Menu Not Searching for Files

If you are pressing the Windows Key on your Keyboard but not seeming to get that nice feature where you can search for Files, Then you probably have the same issue as me. Hit ESC+Shift+Ctrl and Open Task Manager then Close Cortona. Now give it a try and see if it...

My First Stock Option Assignment! What should you Do?

I've been trading Stock Options for a While now, and i have never been assign stock! Well It's going to happen at some point and it just did! My Short Put's Got assigned I receive 100 Stocks of Trip and My Option Broker Tasty Trade Send me a Crap load of Emails saying...

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