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Kiteboarding Point Judith, RI

If you are looking for a Kiteboarding Spot In Rhode Island then Point Judith is a Great Place. It's free parking and behind a breakwall so well protected. Not to crowded most of the time. Not great for Beginners but good for Intermediate to Advanced Riders. For More...

Kiteboarding in St. Pete , Florida

On a Trip i found a really nice place to kiteboard in St. Pete, Florida. So if you are looking to travel to florida or maybe live in Florida this video would be great to watch to find out more about the location and some quick tips! For More Hacks, Tricks, & Tricks...

Castle Hopping in Ireland

Visiting Ireland for the First time, I wanted to check out the Castles, Castle Hopping in Ireland is the way to go, this way you can stay or just visit a bunch of different castles in many different towns all over ireland.

Savage Race (All Obstcales) Barre, MA 2018

So this was my first time Running the Savage Race in Barre, MA and i have to say it was really fun. around 7 miles and 25 Very well done Obstacles, the Terrian was pretty even, and Obstcales hard but not to the point where you would get hurt. I highly Recommend you...

SlingShot WakeFoil Review – HydroFoil

So if you have been looking to try HydroFoiling then you might have seen the Slingshot Wakefoil board it's a Entry Level board that you can bring behind the boat and mess around or kitesurf with it. There are a couple of tips that might help you glide on this guy a...

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