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5 Fun Things to Do in Key West, FL

So if you are on a Trip or Planing a Trip to Key West you might want to have so idea's of what you can do while on the trip. Here is a Quick list that i made up as this is what i enjoyed doing. It might be slightly different for you depending on your Age and Life...

How to Change Oil on Axis A24 Boat 2014

If you are looking to change your Oil on your Axis / Malibu Boat then this might help you out! I wish i could have follow someone else video when i first had to change my oil and it is a lot less money than having a Dealer do it! It Took 11 Quarts to Fill this Axis...

How Much Money Can you Make with 3 Million YouTube Views

So if you are interested in Starting a YouTube Channel to make some Extra Cash, It's would be Nice to Know how much Money you can make from around 3 Million Views. I also Break Down 1 Million Views How Long it took be to get to that number and how depending on what...

Sprint Triathlon Review – Dayville, CT

If you are interested in Doing a Sprint Triathlon here i will run through the basic's. I think it's something everyone can do it just might take a bit of training. If you can do the first one with a team it might make it a bit more fun! For More Hacks, Tricks, &...


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