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Unboxing, Data Transfer and Sim Card Transfer of Iphone 7

Unboxing iphone 7 256gb Jet Black In 2 Minutes So you have been waiting for it! And it has finally arrived . Here is my quick unboxing of the Apple iphone 7 Jet Black 256GB Model! In this video I will show you what is inside the box and quickly turn on the phone! It's...

How to Preorder the Apple Iphone 7! If you want to Get your Iphone 7 Before it Sells out then you NEED to Watch this Video! Here i will give you the Tips and Tricks you will need to know how how to Get in the first Batch of ordering so you don't miss...

How to Build a Custom Live Edge Wood Office Desk

  I love the way Saw Mill Lumber looks and wanted something unique for my new office so thought i would show everyone the process to build a Live Edge Wood Desk its pretty Neat when it's all finished.  

CWB Tsunami Wakesurf Board Review This is my Favorite Board do to 360's it's Small Fast and Great at giving you that nice Fast Spin so you can quickly recover and Start Getting back into the wave after doing a 360. It has Some Nice Fin Options as Well! Skim...

How to Stop Apple Headphones from Falling out!

    Are you SICK and TIRED of your Headphones falling out of your ears when you walk or when when listening to Music? Well i know What you mean and i came up with a couple of simple things you can do to Fix the problem!...


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